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What Happened To Fouad Kaady: NEWS UPDATE: Grand jury examines shooting

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

NEWS UPDATE: Grand jury examines shooting

from the Oregonian

Background: Fouad Kaady, 27, of Gresham was shot and killed during a confrontation with Sandy police Officer William J. Bergin and Clackamas County sheriff's Deputy David E. Willard after a bizarre series of events on a Clackamas County highway Sept. 8.

Update: A grand jury began hearing testimony Monday and will continue today and perhaps into Wednesday to decide whether the officers' actions were justified. Kaady's family said the 1996 Gresham High School graduate's behavior was the result of injuries received in a fire that engulfed the inside of his car and a subsequent crash. Police officials said Kaady began exhibiting bizarre behavior earlier in the day, was naked and combative during his confrontation with the two officers, and that he did not respond to commands or shocks from a stun gun.

What's next: Clackamas County Assistant District Attorney Greg Horner said the seven-member jury can reach one of two decisions: The officers could be indicted on criminal charges or the shooting was justified.

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