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What Happened To Fouad Kaady: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Police shooting: Nonlethal tactics needed

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Police shooting: Nonlethal tactics needed

from the Oregonian

We were aghast to learn of the killing this weekend of Tigard-area teen Lukus Glenn by Washington County sheriff's deputies ("Police kill 18-year-old near Tigard," Sept. 17, and "Mom: 9-1-1 call was to help son," Sept. 18).

Something went terribly wrong here. Having raised three children, we know that there are occasions when teens may be out of control and defiant, especially if alcohol is involved. Glenn's parents did exactly the right thing when their son appeared to be out of control and self-destructive: They asked for help.

They expected that their son might have to be arrested for the night, sober up and face the consequences of extreme behavior. The last thing they expected, we're sure, was that law enforcement officers would escalate the situation even further.

If Glenn had been a wild animal cornered in the neighborhood, chances are he would have been tranquilized and transported unconscious back to a friendly habitat. Why couldn't that have happened for Glenn?

We weren't there, and we don't know the exact circumstances as events played out, but we suggest a different type of training for the officers is needed. Defiance is not sufficient reason to take a life.

Bring out the Tasers, stall, negotiate, do something else --anything rather than escalate to final justice so quickly.

Our sympathies go out to the parents who raised a promising young man who just needed a little help and some extra discipline getting through the adolescent growing pains. He deserved a better outcome, and so did they.


The Oregonian reports another police killing of an apparently disturbed person, this time a teenager armed only with a knife. The families of Fouad Kaady and now Lukus Glenn are reeling from a shoot-first, protect-later policy.

When will our police be trained to disarm first without firing multiple rounds to ensure a kill? Why not train police to shoot at the legs of aggressive and disturbed persons who are not armed with guns?

As reported, Lukus Glenn may have been seeking "suicide by cop," but we should train our police to protect our citizens first. Police should use guns only as a last resort, and even then, first to disable suspects --not to slaughter them in a hail of bullets.


As a resident of Washington County, I am shocked by the insensitivity and utter lack of competence these so-called "peace officers" failed to demonstrate. This cry for help from a depressed, confused teenager was answered with a ruthless barrage of gunfire, resulting in a senseless loss of life.

I may not be a crisis tactician, but I believe this tragedy could have easily been avoided with just the slightest bit of common sense and empathy on the part of the police.

ROBERT O'HEARN, Northwest Portland

Extreme police reactions such as in [the fatal shootings of] Lukus Glenn and Fouad Kaady in Sandy will result in the public's loss of trust and confidence in law enforcement. The people will learn to avoid the police for help and resolve the situation on their own. Results, where people take matters into their own hands, also are troublesome.

Sadly, this is life in the bitter and paranoid America.


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