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What Happened To Fouad Kaady: Another Month of Delayed Justice for Fouad Kaady

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Another Month of Delayed Justice for Fouad Kaady

author: Lew - published on Portland IndyMedia

I think by now, most readers of Indymedia are aware of the circumstances surrounding the death of Fouad Kaady. If not, search out a copy of a very fine video (now on DVD!), "28 Seconds: The Killing of Fouad Kaady." You will be astounded.

If you ever believed that the system of justice works, you will re assess your views. Since another month has passed without justice, I need to publish a reminder. It is all I can do.

A short synopsis here: On September 8, 2005, 27 year old Fouad Kaady was involved in several wrecks, described by police as hit and run incidents. Investigation reveals that he was probably on fire at the time, so he might be forgiven for failure to stop and render aid. He was transporting gasoline in his father's vehicle, in an attempt to bring fuel to his own vehicle which was out of gas. At some point, apparently the gasoline burst into flames.

Fouad was first observed, driving erratically (go figure) , and appeared to be waving his arms wildly. The car appeared to be cloudy inside, possibly from smoke. After striking a couple of vehicles (no injuries), he ran his father's car off of the road, and bailed out, shedding his remaining clothes which were on fire. He was pretty likely in shock, and a great deal of pain (police described him as very badly burned, skin hanging from his body, and bleeding.) He ran into the woods.

Enter the first responders: Fire department and EMTs were first on the scene, which was soon saturated with police. Two intrepid officers (Clackamas County Deputy David Willard, and Sandy Police Officer William Bergin) were first to locate the victim who was (in the officer's words) "seated Indian style alongside the road, rocking back and forth, moaning, and catatonic." The officers both stated that they knew immediately that the naked man was unarmed, but for some reason began shouting unreasonable orders (to lay his burned body on the hot pavement), and when they were not obeyed, began discharging both of their tasers into the victim. When this senseless response to an obviously injured and in shock victim failed to immediately achieve the desired results (results which neither officer could articulate), the victim fled the pain. He jumped up to the top of the police cruiser, which in Oregon is apparently a capital offense. At this time, because neither officer was willing to touch his bloody body, they chose instead, to exterminated him.

This obvious miscarriage of any form of justice was given sanction by the District Attorney, who could not seem to find an indictment to save his career. Then, the Sheriff even went so far as to state that good police guidelines were followed, and no policies were violated.

We disagree. Apparently, we are not alone, as the Gerry Spence (Ruby Ridge, Silkwood, and many other high profile cases) Law Firm has taken the civil case pro bono. See the film, see if you agree. It is available on You Tube at the following links, but the DVD is much easier to watch. Keep watching in your local library or supermarket, for free copies.


Marian said...

Horrible. Extreme difficulty reading this. Poor Fouad.

Anonymous said...

I thought he died in a car crash with princess Di

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I won't be shedding any tears over a dangerous drag addict who disobeyed a simple instruction and got shot over it. Portland is a much safer place without him, thank you.

Anonymous said...

To joke about this is heartless.

But to side with the police view - that Kaady was a dangerous drug addict - still belabors the point: what danger can a deranged, naked, badly wounded man cause to two able-bodied (?) police officers???

We all should be afraid of the police, if they are so scared that they will shoot someone first, ask questions later...

Anonymous said...

This is truly a sad event. Unfortunately, judging by the exponentially increasing police brutality in the U.S., it could happen to anyone, or their loved ones. If there was even a shred of truth in the two cowards’ account about the imaginary threat posed by the victim, why didn’t they shoot him in the legs to immobilize him? Why did they have to murder him?

Unfortunately, part 5 of 5 of the video is missing from the YouTube archive. Would it be possible to upload the entire DVD in segments?

Anonymous said...

That these officers decided to taser a totally passive person because he wasn't being compliant is the absolute antithesis of good policework. In fact, it can't be called law enforcement at all. It's animal control.

They may finish out their careers unmolested, may even finish with a handful of awards and commendations for their service. But these officers, and their superiors, will always carry with them the knowledge that they failed in their duties, they failed in their work, they failed in their purpose. No word of it may ever reach their ears, they may never be reproached in the street or in thier homes. But it is true. And everybody knows it.