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What Happened To Fouad Kaady: Candlelight Vigil for Fouad Kaady

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Candlelight Vigil for Fouad Kaady

author: Citizen - published in Portland IndyMedia

Fouad Kaady was killed by police unjustly 2 weeks ago. We need to support the communityu and demands anwsers from those that aree supposed to serve and protect!
His pickup truck ran out of gas around a mile from his parents home in Gresham. He got the truck to Ricks fencing. He forgot his phone at home so he could not call anyone for help. So he ran to his parents home , picked up his Mothers Buick,(his mother was out of town at the time,) grabbed a gas tank and filled it up. When he got to Ricks fencing his truck was towed. It was parked on private property. It was towed out to Sandy.. So Fouad headed out to Sandy in his Mother's buick with the gas tank in his car. Fouad a smoker, lit up a cigarette in the car.. From there unsure exactly what happened. We knew he was the gas tank caught fire in the car. Causing him to drive recklessly and hitting two cars. He ran out of his car indulged in flames and ripped his clothes off. He suffered serious head injuries from the wreck. He ran onto a guys property asking him for help, the guys saw him as a crazy naked man chased him with a bat. In defense of himself, Fouad kicked him. The man claimed he was trying to help. Shortly later two cops arrived at the scene, they sat him down and he kept standing up. They eventually tased him 10 times, with 50 volts of electricity. Being bloody and naked the cops did not want to touch him. He would fall but stood back up. Eventually jumping on a cop car the police officers shot him in the chest 5 times killing him. Fouad was a good man that did not believe in violence. He loved people and was harmless. A father of a Mexican kid was at the funeral,apparently his son was killed and his body was found in the the woods of Sandy. His son had complained for some time about the Sandy officer harassing him. When the father found out that Fouad was an Arab he wanted to learn more. The Sandy police department would not help with his murdered son.

We need justice, but if the police are found liable it would bankrupt Clackamas county and Sandy. They will do everything they can to cover it up. I ask of our community stand up and prevent this from happening again. The police initial report indicated that he was a psycho who was wanted for hit and runs. Fouad was a beautiful person who did not use drugs. The local medial initially attacked his character based on the info that was released by the police spokesman. Please, Please, HELP!

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