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What Happened To Fouad Kaady: Clackamas County Identifies Deceased Male Subject

Friday, September 9, 2005

Clackamas County Identifies Deceased Male Subject

Press Release from: Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
2223 S. Kaen Rd.
Oregon City, OR 97045
Clackamas County Identifies Deceased Male Subject

September 9th, 2005 3:37 PM

The Clackamas County Sheriffs Office has been informed that a positive identification has been completed concerning the naked and combative male subject, who was subsequently shot and killed by police on SE 362, in Sandy.

This shooting victim is identified as: FOUAD KAADY, WMA,
01-08-78. Fouad Kaady resided in the Gresham area. No criminal history to report, or mugg photo available to publish.

Fouad Kaady is the male subject who is reported to have been involved with a series of hit and run vehicular accidents on Bluff Road, which triggered rescue personnel responding from the City of Sandy and the Clackamas County Sheriffs Office to the area.

While this response was being conducted by rescue personnel, additional reports of a citizen assault was received, in conjunction to the hit and run suspect vehicle being engulfed in flames on Bluff Road.

Reportedly, a Good Samaritan working as a surveyor in the area indicates the subject he attempted to help, who was standing naked in the woods near the flaming vehicle, and kicked him in the chest as he attempted to render aid.

Additional information has been investigated where a female witness/victim reports this naked subject had advanced from Bluff Road and was running along SE 362. This female driver reports this subject had jumped, naked onto her moving vehicle and was pounding on the sunroof of this vehicle prior to his encounter with police. This encounter did not create any addition accidents or injuries to this female driver.

A short time later Fouad Kaady engaged the Clackamas County Sheriffs Deputy and the Sandy Police Officer who had arrived in the area of SE 362. It was during this engagement Fouad Kaady was subsequently discovered to be combative and totally unresponsive to the audible law enforcement commands to comply, or the Tasering deployed by both officers on the scene.

Reportedly, Fouad Kaady was out of control and on top of the patrol vehicle for a period of time.

Fouad Kaady was shot by at least one [emphasis on at least one] of the two law enforcement officers on the scene representing the Clackamas County Sheriffs Office and the Sandy Police Department.

It is expected the officers involved will continue to be on paid Administrative leave, which is customary in these types of situations.

The involved officers names will be released in the next 24 hours.

The Oregon State Medical Examiners Office has conducted the autopsy of Fouad Kaady earlier today. The results of this autopsy examination will be released at the appropriate time when completed. Please recognize the toxicology examinations alone require at least two to three weeks to complete.

The Clackamas County Sheriffs Office is requesting if any member of the public has information related to this on going investigation to please come forward and contact the Clackamas County Sheriffs Office at 503-723-4949.

Contact Info: Detective Jim Strovink, Acting Public Information Officer Clackams County Sheriffs Office 503-237-2643

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